Monthly Newsletter



OUR FALL CLASSES will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd. Visiting Days for Parents and Children are on Thursday August 29th and Friday, August 30th.   For less crowded visiting we’ve developed the following schedule:  

9:00 – 9:45                 9:45 – 10:30           10:30 – 11:15            11:15 – 12:00
Joanne’s MWF          Joanne’s TTh            Shannon’s TTh          Shannon’s MWF 
Elizabeth’s MWF      Reyna’s TTh              Alexis’ Class               Alexis’ Class
Christine’s Class       Christine’s Class       Tana’s Class               Tana’s Class
Julie H’s Class            Julie H’s Class           Holly’s Class             Holly’s Class
Julie’s Class                Julie’s Class                
(More than one child, please choose time!)                       

SCHOOL HOURS & ARRIVAL:  These are traditionally from 9:00 – 12:00. However, due to our small parking lot for the first two weeks, the Upper Floor hours will be 9:1511:45The Lower Floor hours will be 9:00 – 12:00. The youngest children may be ready for pick up by 11:30 during the beginning weeks. During these first days at school, your child may prefer being walked into school by his parents or carpool driver.  Please use only the Footsteps Stairway, when entering or exiting. (All other entries, Via Rosa street parking and parking spaces behind the Parish Hall are reserved for the church!) When your child feels secure in the new environment, we are available to help him from the car for footsteps drop off.

DROP OFF & SIGN IN:  If your child seems ready to walk the blue footsteps, please be aware the right-hand lane (closest to the canyon) is for footsteps drop off.  The left-hand lane is for parking and walking your child into class or exiting. For drop off, watch the cars in front of you and count three cars as they enter the upper sign-in spots.  Wait at the STOP placard below and watch for all 3 cars to clear the above drop off spots.  Proceed with caution when directed by Miss Toni or Miss Sharon because there are many children and parents walking their children into school.  SAFETY is our highest priority. Please wait your turn.  We will help your child from your car by opening the car door and assist the child as you Sign In.  The children will follow the blue footsteps to their classroom or the pathway to the yard as they are greeted by our staff.  We’ll do some practicing during school, so that the children will understand.

If you are walking your child in, please make sure you sign your child in at the office with your legal signature on your child’s teacher page. Please clearly print your child’s first and last name. Thank You!  Please be aware that all children must be SIGNED IN and OUT every day.  Signing is required by the State of California

PARKING:  Ours is the Lower Back Parking Area. We must avoid other parking areas, none of which are for our use. Please drive very slowly through the parking area as well as monitoring your speed on Via Rosa! Always hold the hands of your children in the Parking Lot.  If you need “extra hands”, we will help. ALSO, Town & Country is a

cell phone-free area! Your children need your full attention.

TUITION:  Checks are due and payable on the first of each month and there will be a $30 late charge if tuition is not turned in by the 10th of the month.  Please place checks in the basket on the front desk. We do not send bills. Tuition for two days a week is $395.00; three days is $585.00; four days is $775.00 per month. Families with more than one child enrolled may deduct 10% from the total month’s tuition.  Tuition may now be paid online from our website. Any questions, please speak with Miss Deidre in our office.

ILLNESS: To prevent the spread of common childhood infectious diseases or conditions – such as fifth disease, HF&M, Chicken Pox or Lice – please let the office know if your child is diagnosed. All names will be kept confidential. This will help us inform and take the necessary precautions for our families. 

HOME VISITS:  Each of our teachers will visit the children in their homes. This is a wonderful way for your child and his teacher to form a closer relationship which helps with his or her comfort and connections at school.  Remember though, the teacher plans to visit and play with your child, not to visit the parent(s) or siblings.  Your teacher will contact you to schedule her visit often in the early fall after getting acquainted at school in September.

LUNCH BUNCH:  Our afternoon group of supervised play and Enrichment Activities meets Mondays from 12:00-2:00 and Tuesday through Friday from 12:00-3:00.  Whenever you wish to make use of this service, just send your child with his lunch.  Charges are done in two different ways: 1) When you pay as you go, the fee is $12.00 per hour or 2) When you buy the Lunch Bunch Pass for $500.00, you will be charged at $10.00 per hour.  All children must be signed out in the office as they leave the Lunch Bunch program.  With prior request by 9:30 of the day your wish to come, children may join us in the afternoon of their morning off(Late fees are imposed, if no phone call when you are late, at the rate is $3.00 per 5 minutes, beginning at 3:05.)

EARLY BIRDS:  Our before-school child care is called “Early Birds”.  Children may be walked into the school at 8:00 a.m. on any school day.  When you come to school any time before 8:50, you will be charged the same charge of $10.00.  This charge goes on your account as Lunch Bunch does.  Children are to be signed-in at the office and checked in with the Early Bird teacher.  The teacher remains with the children until 8:50 when they are walked to their respective classroom teachers for the regular 9-12 program.

PARENT EDUCATION CLASSES: are offered throughout the school year. Our monthly newsletter will advise you as to those dates!  An information sheet and sign-up form regarding the 6-week fall Parenting Classes is available on our website and in our office if you are interested in joining the class. The afternoon (12:30-2:00pm) with Miss Sharon and evening classes with Miss Toni (7:00 -8:30pm) will begin on Tuesday, October 8th. Both classes meet in the school library. Child care is available for your T&C student in the afternoon only at normal LB rates. All parents interested in discussing the growth and development of their children and parenting skills are welcome.

SEPTEMBER PARENT EDUCATION: DR. TRACI CRITTON, a respected Child Psychologist in our area, will provide an excellent Parent Education presentation entitled “Understanding Your Preschooler: How to Behave so Your Child Will, Too” on Tuesday, September 24th from 12:30-2:00 in the Library. We hope that hearing her talk and bringing all of your questions will be a wonderful way to begin our school year together with our growing preschoolers.

FORMS: Please make sure that all of your child’s school forms have been completed and turned into the office.  Without these complete, your child is unable to stay at school. Second and third year students must return a new Emergency Form each year.  Please return all forms by August 14th.  All students must a have a new Emergency/Disaster Kit by the 1st day of school. Thank you for your help.

WELCOME TO THE T&C FAMILY: Kiran is now a big brother to Stella, and Penelope has a new baby brother Bobby.   Congratulations to our growing families!