Monthly Newsletter

Our T&C Programs are up and running! Though we closed on March 13th for 12 weeks, we are now fully open. Our 2-week session in June allowed us to bring children back to have their year-end experiences with this year’s teachers. Our Summer School programs have been fully attended with classes meeting outdoors in our yards, patios and nature trails.  Fresh air and our wonderful environment has allowed us to safely provide our program and make it work for our current health challenges using our T&C Guidelines.
Thank you to all of you for your generous donations during our closure! Your extra Tuition and outright gifts made an incredible difference in helping T&C to remain open, functional and paying our loyal staff! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
An Important Fall Survey for the coming school year, 2020-2021, will be emailed to all enrolled families tomorrow, Friday, July 24th. Each of you must respond to this survey by Monday, July 27th with your decision about whether your child will attend T&C this fall. Our T&C Guidelines will also be attached to this email so you may read and reflect on how our procedures have changed and decide if you are comfortable with these necessary adaptations of our programs. We look forward to receiving your responses which will indicate that you are enrolled for the fall. However, if we do NOT receive your response to the survey, we understand that you are choosing NOT to enroll your child at T&C in the fall.
Our T&C Staff  has remained loyal and constant during our closure.  However, one change will be taking place as we move into fall. Miss Elizabeth, our Teacher in Room 5 as well as our Outdoor Classroom Teacher with Miss Cindy, will be moving to Texas to be closer to her family. She will be greatly missed! Miss Diana, who has been with T&C as an excellent Teaching Assistant for 8 years, will become the new Room 5 Teacher in September. During Summer Session 2, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Diana will be teaching together so your children will have a smooth transition.  
Welcome to our T&C Family! Many of you have been busy having babies during our closure. Max and Lulu became big sisters to Coco, Harper and Landyn also became big sisters to Barry Peter, known as Bear; Noemi is a big sister to Nina; Tyler and Finn are big brothers to Elodie; Bryce and Kai became big brothers to Deven; Flynn was welcomed by his big brother, Callan. Congratulations to all of our growing families!  
A Healthy Environment for all of our community is our highest priority! We hope that you are practicing all of the recommended best health practices – wearing masks in public, extra hand washing, practicing social distancing and safer at home. We wish you all continued good health and look forward to welcoming you back to T&C in the fall.