Monthly Newsletter

WELCOME to our new school year at Town and Country! We are so very happy to have you and your wonderful children with us. Though this year has unusual challenges for all of us, we are grateful for you and your support, our staff and this beautiful environment that allows us to have our outdoor program. Also, thank you for your patience and cooperation in our parking lot with Drop-Off and Pick-Up. Children are growing daily and having much success with their initial independence at T&C. Much credit goes to you and your ability to “separate”.
6-WEEK PARENTING CLASSES begin on Tuesday, October 13th from 12:30-2:00pm with Miss Sharon or from 7:00–8:30pm with Miss Toni for our Zoom STEP classes (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting). Please access the enrollment form under Parent Education on our website, fill it out and submit it via email. You will then be sent a Zoom invitation to participate. Also, the STEP Parenting Handbook is available in the office or can be given to you at Drop-Off in the parking lot for $15.00.
PARENT EDUCATION FOR OCTOBER will be on Thursday, October 22nd. Miss Cindy, our Outdoor Classroom teacher, will be presenting “Discovering the Outdoor Classroom” as a Zoom meeting from 12:30-2:00pm, showing your children in action. This is a wonderful way for you to learn about the activities and goals your children experience each day they come to Town & Country. Call the office to RSVP, provide your email and be sent the Zoom invitation to attend.
BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHTS – Each teacher is communicating with her parents and then deciding whether to provide an in-person or Zoom Back to School night. The in-person option will be at social distance with adults wearing masks. You will have an opportunity to learn more about our program as your child’s teacher tells you about the activities in the class and explores the goals for the year! Your child will be bringing home your invitation with details on the time and date for your night!
FAMILY DAYS – Unfortunately, we will not be scheduling Family Days at this time because our health regulations do not permit extra adults within the school. It is possible that we can do our Family Days in the spring when we hope our health situation will be improved. 
HALLOWEEN – We will celebrate Halloween at school on Thursday, October 29th and Friday, October 30th. The children may either wear their costumes or bring them to school in their T&C bag. Please try to discourage masks as they can cause children to fall. Face make-up is more satisfactory. If your child does choose to wear the costume to school, please send a change of clothing for “play time”. Please take photos of your children before arriving at school. We cannot allow adults to interact with our pods. Teachers will be taking photos that you will receive later in the year.
PAINTY CLOTHES – It’s been our experience that our “quality” paint is difficult to remove from your children’s clothing. The very best solution is to send your children to school in “school/play clothes” (those
which can be “stained” and no one will care!). Also remember tennis shoes are the safest shoes for school! Close-toed shoes are necessary for bike riding.
PLEASE REMEMBER – When you have an appointment and are walking your child into his or her class, please SIGN-IN on your teacher’s board in the parking lot as you are leaving.
QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS? Our door is always open. Miss Sharon and Miss Toni are available to speak by phone or even in person, outdoors at social distance. In addition, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, Miss Toni or Miss Sharon on any day to discuss your concerns. We will return your calls quickly!
WELCOME to the newest addition to our Town & Country families! Elle is now a big sister to Hayes; Margot and Lainey are big sisters to Sophie.  We celebrate the growing T&C family!