Monthly Newsletter


WELCOME to a new school year at Town and Country!  We are so very happy to have you and your wonderful children with us.  Many of the children are having success with their initial independence both walking in and using the “blue footsteps”.  Much credit goes to you and your ability to “separate”.

NEED EARLY DROP OFF? Try Early Birds. Miss Rocio has the brick patio set up with some exciting things for a very fun morning. You may drop off your child anytime between 8:00-8:50, at 8:50 they will be walked to their respective classrooms. There is a $15 fee that will be charged to your Lunch Bunch account.

OUR SCHOOL DAY: If you are coming for your normal school day, please arrive between 8:50-9:10am. It is very important that your children arrive on time. It makes for a much better day for them!

6-WEEK PARENTING CLASSES begin on Tuesday, October 11th from 12:30-2:00pm or from 6:00–7:30pm with Miss Sharon for our STEP classes (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting). Enrollment forms are available in the office and on the website. Also, the STEP Parenting Handbook is available in the office or at the first class for $15.00. Enrollment for the STEP 6-week classes is $100.

PARENT EDUCATION FOR OCTOBER will be on Thursday, October 13th.  Miss Cindy, our Outdoor Classroom Teacher, will meet outside with you from 12:30-2:00pm and present “Discovering the Outdoor Classroom”. This is a wonderful way for you to learn about the activities and curriculum  your children experience each day they are out in the yard at Town & Country. Call the office to RSVP and receive free childcare for your T&C child.

PARKING: If your child seems ready to walk the blue footsteps, please be aware the right-hand lane (closest to the canyon) is for footsteps drop off only.  The left-hand lane is for parking and walking your child into class or for exiting the parking lot. For drop off watch the cars in front of you and count 4 cars as they enter the upper sign-in spots.  Wait at the STOP placard below and watch for all 4 cars to clear the above drop off spots.  Proceed with caution when directed by Miss Sharon or Miss Julie because there are many children and parents walking their children into school.  SAFETY is our highest priority. Please wait your turn. Parking is limited, we would appreciate you leaving promptly after dropping your child at their assigned classroom so others can use those parking spots. Thank you for your understanding!

PARKING LOT SAFETY: Please be aware that the speed limit in our parking lot is 5 miles an hour; 15 mph on Via Rosa.  Also, please use the marked crosswalk as you approach the playground or stairway to the classroom and always hold your child’s hand. If you are doing drop off Children must stay buckled in their car seat until a staff member opens the door.  No Cell Phones on our campus or in the parking lot – Please focus 100% on your children – Safety first—Always!  Thank you!

WHEN PICKING UP YOUR CHILD: Please make sure you tell a teacher or an aide that you are taking them. We always need to account for every child in the school.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHTS: You are invited to come to your child’s classroom to learn more about our program. Your child’s teacher will tell you about the activities in the class and explore the goals for the year! Your child will be bringing home your invitation with details on the time and date for your night!

FAMILY DAYS: will be starting in October. These days exist to strengthen the home-school connection, allow the child to share their experience with their closest family members and to be inclusive of every family in the school. Each class will have 3 dates scheduled to celebrate – 2 weekdays and a Saturday.  Each parent may choose a day that works for your schedule – a regular school day or a Saturday. Details will be provided by your child’s teacher.

OUR T&C EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM will be tested on November 4th.  If you do not receive this notification through phone call and text, please contact Miss Anne in the T&C office to update your emergency contact numbers.

LUNCH BUNCH: Our afternoon group of supervised play meets Monday through Friday from 12:00-3:00.  Whenever you wish to make use of this service just send your child with his/her lunch.  Charges are done in two different ways:

1) When you pay as you go, the fee is $15.00 per hour, or 2) When you buy the Lunch Bunch Pass for $500.00, you will be charged at $12.00 per hour.  All children must be signed out at the office as they leave the Lunch Bunch program.  With prior request by 9:30 of the day you wish to come, children may join us in the afternoon on the days they do not attend school.  Pick up must be by 3pm (Late fees are charged if we do not receive a phone call indicating you will be late. Late fees are at the rate of $3.00 per 5 minutes, beginning at 3:05.)

LUNCH BUNCH 2:22 CLUB: Miss Cindy, our Outdoor Classroom Teacher has started an “optional” 2:22 Club during our afternoon lunch bunch hours. She will invite the children to participate in many fun and different activities each day between the hours of 2:22-2:44pm. If you don’t want to interrupt this activity, please come before 2:22 or after 2:44.

HALLOWEEN: We will celebrate Halloween at school on Monday, October 31st and Tuesday, November 1st. The children may either wear their costumes or bring them to school in their T&C bag. Please try to discourage masks as they can cause children to fall. face make-up is more satisfactory. If your child does choose to wear the costume to school, please send a change of clothing for “play time”.

PAINTY CLOTHES: It’s been our experience that our “quality” paint is difficult to remove from your children’s clothing.  The very best solution is to send your children to school in “school/play clothes” (those which will take staining, and no one will care!). Also remember tennis shoes are the safest shoes for school! Close-toed shoes are necessary for bike riding.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE SIGNING IN AND OUT EACH DAY. The State requires that you print your child’s first and last name and sign your full signature. Also, make sure you are signing on your child’s teacher page. LATE to pick up your child?  Please call, so that he/she doesn’t worry and to avoid late charges.

ABSENSES: If you child will not be coming to school on their assigned, please call the office to let us know. We will then notify your child’s teacher.

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS? Our door is always open. Miss Sharon and Miss Julie are available to speak by phone or even in person. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, Miss Sharon, or Miss Julie on any day to discuss your concerns. We will return your calls quickly! If you need to contact your child’s teacher, Miss Sharon or Miss Julie please call the school office at 310-375-2829. We prefer you do not call your child’s teacher directly on their cell phones. Please use their email or the T&C office phone to contact them.

WELCOME to the newest additions to our Town & Country families: Alina and Eric are big sister and big brother to Eva. Elle has new baby sister Liv! Charlie and Kit have a new baby brother Robert “Rip” and Lucas is a big brother to Mateo!