Monthly Newsletter

PARENT HELPERS: We will be having a meeting on Wednesday, May 4th at 9:30 in the library for all Moms or Dads who are interested in becoming Parent Aides for our teachers next fall. You can “Learn as you Earn”. Being a parent helper you will learn our philosophy and receive a $25 credit (each time you work) towards your tuition each month.  This meeting will provide the details of working with us. If you are interested in doing this next fall please call our office and sign up to attend our meeting on the 4th.
YOUR CHILD’S FALL TEACHER HAS BEEN POSTED: Very Important – though you know the placement of your child for next year please do not discuss this with them . At this point children are very close and secure in their relationships with their current teacher. The coming year (now 4-5 months away) is too far in the future for them to focus on. It confuses and produces anxiety to think that they must leave their current teacher and start bonding with a new one. Please let your child’s current teacher do the introductions and start the transition process of meeting their new teacher and visiting their new classroom. This process will happen during the first and second week of June.
SUMMER SCHOOL: For those who will be attending Summer School, your class assignments were posted in the office window on August 18th. If you have any questions please call the office. If you are one of the families enrolled in summer school, and you decide that you no longer need your spot, please let us know as soon as possible as we have many families on the waitlist. If you are currently on the waitlist feel free to continue checking in with us. If anything should come available we will contact you immediately.
SUMMER SCHOOL VISITING DAY: Friday, July 1st will be a Visiting Day for all children attending Summer Session 1 or 2. Summer School begins on Tuesday July 5th. Please watch for an email with visiting times for your child to meet their teacher and visit their classroom!
PARENT EDUCATION: On Wednesday, May 19 at 12:30, Miss Toni and a Parent Panel will host a talk in our library on “TRANSITIONS: All Kinds of Change & Life after T&C”. You may find this helpful for upcoming changes and transitions in your children’s lives. Parents will discuss their experiences transitioning to new schools, teachers, environments, social circles, etc. Miss Toni will also be happy to answer any other parenting questions that you bring. Please call the office to RSVP Lunch Bunch is provided for parents that attend.
BETTOLINO KITCHEN FUNDRAISER: Mark your calendars – Bettolino Kitchen is hosting a Dine in or Take Out Fundraiser on Tuesday May 10th! Let your server know you are dining in support of Town & Country Nursery school or order takeout and use the promo code: T&C online at to give 15% back to Town and Country.
THANK YOU SUPPORTING OUR FLOWERLINK FUNDRAISER: It was a huge success! We hope you will all enjoy your beautiful bouquets over the Easter holiday in your own homes or as gifts for others!
THE OLYMPICS: T&C will be celebrating our Olympic celebrations for all of our graduating classes (Rooms 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10). The Olympic schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, June 8th: Miss Cindy
Thursday, June 9th: Miss Shannon
Monday, June 13th: Miss Christine
Tuesday, June 14th: Miss Heidi
Wednesday, June 15th: Miss Aadree
TUITION: Tuition for the month of June is halved. This school year ends on June 17th. Tuition for 2 days is $197.50, 3 days is $292.50 and 4 days is $387.50. Beginning in July the new rates will be as follows 2 days-$415, 3 days-$615, and four days-$815.
PLEASE REMEMBER there will not be an antique fair this year as it has been canceled! School will be in session May 31-June 6. There will be no lunch bunch on May 27th.  Our last day of school will still be on June 17th. There will be NO Lunch Bunch on that day.
BIKE & E-BIKES must follow the same rules as vehicles while in the parking lot. Please proceed to the far left and stop at the stop sign. Once Miss Sharon & Miss Julie are ready for you to proceed, they will wave you forward to the bike parking area. Thank you for your understanding as we are trying to keep everyone safe!
WELCOME TO OUR WORLD: Merrick is now a big brother to Cruz, Tori is now a big sister to Nicholas, and Miss Esther has welcomed baby Valerie to her family! We celebrate your growing families!