Town & Country has a variety of parent involvement activities. We try to inform you of any special events held at school as soon as possible in the school year. We also try to accommodate your busy schedules.

The following summarizes our regular family activities:

  • Back-to-School Night is held in October for parents to visit their child’s classroom and hear the teacher discuss the goals for the school year.
  • Mom’s Mini Day is held on a school morning (10:00-11:30 am) in October or November. The purpose is for mothers to spend part of a typical morning with their children at school.
  • Dad’s Mini Day is held on a Saturday morning. The purpose is for fathers to spend part of a typical morning with their children at school.
  • Conferences are held early in March to discuss your child’s growth and development. School is closed for two days with child care provided for T&C children during the conference. Parents may schedule conferences earlier in the year, before or after school. Telephone conferences may also be arranged.
  • The Olympics are held every June, during school hours for Rooms 6 through 10. This is a graduation celebration of physical education activities that the children have learned during their school year.

Parent participation is always welcomed, but not required. Below are listed some  examples of activities which could be shared with you child’s class should you have available time and wish to participate:

  • Cooking
  • Sharing cultural traditions
  • Leading art/craft projects
  • Making playdough for class
  • Providing special snack
  • Playing an instrument
  • Sharing your occupation, hobbies, etc
  • Carving a pumpkin
  • Reading a story
  • Singing or dancing
  • Hanging out and playing


2018-2019 School Calendar

September 4
First day of School

October 30 & 31
Halloween Costumes

November 12
Veteran’s Day

November 22 & 23
Thanksgiving Holiday

December 24 – January 6
Winter Holiday

January 21
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

January 28
Re-Enrollment Online Registration

February 12
T&C Lottery

February 13 & 14
Celebrating Valentine’s Day

February 18
Observing Presidents’ Days

February 28 & March 1
Conference Days – No School

April 1 – 5
Spring Break

May 27 – June 3
Church Antique Show
No school

June 14
Last day of Regular School

July 2 – July 25
Summer School Session I

July 30 – August 15
Summer School Session II

Click on link below to view entire 2018-2019 calendar

2018-2019 T&C Calendar